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Western Select Branch Portfolios 

Western Select is a Western Wealth Management investment portfolio service.

More advisors have made the decision to outsource some or all time-consuming operational and administrative functions, investment due diligence, and portfolio construction and management. This approach allows them to scale their practice and reallocate time for the greatest client impact.

The Investment Committee is comprised of these experienced members:

Mike Akins | Investment Committee Chair

Mike Gaffney | Institutional Business Development 

Heather Palumbo | Portfolio & Investment Research Coordinator

Dane Steigerwald | Western Select Operations

Reasons to consider outsourcing your portfolio design and management responsibilities are:

  1. Outsource research, due diligence and construction functions
  2. Ensure that portfolio strategies remain in-line with client objectives
  3. Performance reports are generated by the branch
  4. Portfolio trading and rebalancing are performed by the branch
  5. Allocate more time towards complex client issues
  6. Increased quality of life by eliminating mundane tasks
  7. Client approved quarterly fact sheets are provided
  8. Detailed Morningstar reports are available
  9. Investment committee members are available for client discussions

What portfolios are available?

Western Select offers five Core models to match the typical investment objectives. 

  • Income with Capital Preservation
  • Income with Moderate Growth
  • Growth with Income
  • Growth
  • Aggressive Growth

Due to volatile markets, we also offer Half-Cash versions of our Core models above.

We manage four Tax-Aware models. 

  • Tax Aware Income with Capital Preservation
  • Tax Aware Income with Moderate Growth
  • Tax Aware Growth with Income
  • Tax Aware Growth

We manage these Unconstrained Aggressive Growth models:

  • Analyst Choice
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Rising Dividend Growth

Our newest offerings are for Fidelity 403B mutual fund models:

  • Income with Capital Preservation
  • Income with Moderate Growth
  • Growth with Income
  • Growth
  • Aggressive Growth

Please send inquiries to for more details and steps involved to incorporate these models into your practice.